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Thread: Ammonia/nitrite sensitivity

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    My set-up is complete and I am ready to add FBT. How sensitivite are they to ammonia, nitrites and nitrates? The water portion of my tank is not cycled and I am wondering if I need to cycle it before adding the FBT. I know they don't breath with gills like fish but are they still sensitive to ammonia nitrite?

    What method to you use to cycle your FBT tank?

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    As far as I'm aware you dont really need to worry about cycling a tank for FBT's. I never cycled mine and I have 6 happy and healthy toads. As long as your water is declorinated and its running thru a filter in your tank you should be good to go.

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    Yeah, no need to cycle. But I do highly recommend a filter because fire belly toads are messy little boogers. They are very Hardy though.

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    The water has cleared up. I added a few aquatic plant to the wet portion and I "seeded" the water with some gravel from my freshwater fish tank. I am still gonna wait a few more days to be sure everything is good before I add the toads.

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    Glad to hear you solved it. You could also consider a permanent ammonia gas detector.

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