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Thread: Cat litter divider?

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    Default Cat litter divider?

    I was just curious. I've seen organic cat litter used as a background for terrariums, but could it be used to sculpt a divider between a land and water area? My concerns would be: 1) Would minerals from the cat litter disolve in the water and potentially harm the frog? And 2) Would the cat litter divider remain intact being partially submerged?

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    I don't think that would work. It would disolve or leave resuidue in water. Here's a solution, get any kind of rock and silicone it together uthor in clumps, or a big sheet. I just gooped silicone on a plastic bag and pushed rocks into it. Cure time is 48 hours but u have to flip rocks over for other side to dry. The silicone keeps it from slipping around also. I would also give them a good wash after curing, just in case.

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    Yeah I've done several tests with the cat litter concept and it doesn't hold up well with either water running over it or sitting in water. In the right scenario its great for backgrounds though.

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