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Thread: Need help with my baby pacman frog

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    Default Need help with my baby pacman frog

    I came home to find his tounge sticking out in a different spot then I had left him but was able to get it back in with my quick thinking and he is keeping it in now and going down to borrow for the night. he has been active since I got it back in. He has moved around ok like normal- his color is normal and eyes are clear. He even wanted to go in his water and got out ok. I think he has eaten his crickets this week. Lately he has moved around to a tons of different spots.
    Do I need to take him to a vet monday if he doesn't improve? I think I should if he doesn't eat by monday.
    I am going to try and feed him tomorrow. I live in Utah and it's been soooooooo cold.
    But his soil feels warm and moist.
    I think he may have just gotten it stuck trying to eat a cricket.

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    Default Re: Need help with my baby pacman frog

    Do you have any pictures?

    How long have you had him?

    With tongue sticking out it's usually MBD but it could be other issues as well, so taking it to the vet to get it check ASAP is not a bad idea.

    Don't know, my horned frogs are very healthy but don't move around much, they'll stay in one spot for weeks on end. These frogs are ambush predators so it's their nature to stay put for long period of times. I think reason yours is moving around alot is because agitated/stressed.

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    Default Re: Need help with my baby pacman frog

    it may not be your frogs tongue at all, possibly his stomach. Frogs sometimes will expel or throw up their stomachs as a means of getting rid of toxins as they cannot vomit the same as human beings do. My young pyxie frog had this issue after I fed it some bait store earthworms, it was quite disturbing to see before I had this knowledge. After I removed the substrate that was stuck to his exposed stomach with a q-tip and water, he swallowed his stomach and was ready for a meal. I have also read posts of ppl who said they fed their frogs as this was occuring and it helped by having them re-swallow their stomach as they simultaneously ate a cricket. Its a weird site but my frog appeared to be in no distress during the process. Hope this helps.

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