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Thread: Sudden color change

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    Default Sudden color change

    I know I probably don't have anything to worry about, but just posting just in case...

    Dumper (WTF) over the last couple days has turned brown. He hasn't been brown since I brought him home. His environment hasn't changed except one thing. Day temp: 82-85, night temp mid 70s, Humidity: 30 - 65 depending on when I mist his tank. This is hasn't changed since I got him... though his humidity is harder to keep up than usual. The one thing that has changed in his tank is I added white PVC pipes last weekend becuase his fake vines seemed too thin and he would try to perch on leaves that would colapse from his weight.

    Dumper has been MORE active since his color change and has a bigger appetite so I'm not really worried, but please let me know if I should be.

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    Default Re: Sudden color change

    It's hard to read anything into the colour change. I would rely more on his behaviour and his appetite as indicators of health.
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    Default Re: Sudden color change

    I wouldn't worry about it to be honest. As John said if he is acting normal then all should be good. Mine is rarely brown, but he does change to brown occasionally. I love your pics of Dumper by the way, he is so adorable.
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