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Thread: One Stolzmanni acting weird

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    Default One Stolzmanni acting weird

    I went on vacation for a week around Xmas and left my two Stolzmannis at work so my employees could feed them and take care of them. But since I've been back one of them has stayed buried for six days now and he wont come out to eat. My employee said he also did that while I was gone. It strange because he was the most active of the two. The other is acting fine although not eating as much as he would before I left. I dug up the first one when I got back and got him to eat a wax worm. I got him to eat another wax worm tonight but he doesn't seem interested in the crickets. The crickets I tried feeding him are mediums because they were out of the larges. Could the food be too small? Could it have gotten too cold in the office at night and now he wants to hybernate? Or am I just being paranoid?...although he does look thinner than the other one. He doesn't even come out to soak anymore. The temps and the humidity are good and constant. Any suggestions...should I be worried or is this normal? Darn pacman why is he doing this to me? I'm beginning to wonder if my employees did anything stupid with him while I was gone.

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    Sounds like it may have been exposed to cool or cool/dry temps.
    It sounds like normal typical pacman behavior, the only thing is these aren't typical pacmans. lol

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    I agree with Kevin. It sounds like the tank wasn't humid and warm enough, which is why they burrowed into the ground. About the feeding, the frogs most likely weren't hungry because they couldn't digest the food from previous feeding due to the lack of heat.

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    Apparently size does matter. I went and bought some large crickets, put one in and Skippy immediately jumped up and chased it down. Chomp...dinner was done. But Lucky, the one I'm worried about still wont come out and is completely buried. He wasn't in his water dish today because its still clean. So he hasn't come out at all. He did eat a wax worm last night so I wont bother him tonight but should I dig him up tomorrow night and try a cricket or just leave him be? It couldn't have gotten that cold in the office while I was gone. Low to mid 70's at the lowest. And both tanks were side by side with the exact same setup and Skippy's fine. If he was chilled he's been toasty at 80-82 degrees since I got back since last Thursday and I feel his soil everyday and its moist. Should I be worried or is this just a way pacmans torture us?

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    Well because it is a stolzmanni, I'm not sure if it's normal or not and I don't think anyone on the forum would know the answer to that due to it being a new species to the hobby. If I was really concerned I would try writing Kim(, Philippe( or Robert(sandfiredragon
    Hope this helps.

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