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Thread: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

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    Default My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days


    i was wondering if anyone could maybe shed some light on the very sudden death of my Red eye.

    I bought it on Xmas eve (Friday) for my Girlfriend and its dead today (Monday).

    I had set up the Exo terrarium kit after a thorough clean with bottled water and had adjusted the temperature and humidity accordingly.

    On purchase it just had one eye open for the trip home. Which I thought was strange.

    I took him upstairs and placed the plastic tub he came in into the terrarium. He gingerly climbed out and sat by the the water dish. So far so good.

    I placed 2 wax worms in with him as the pet shop was out of crickets. I left him be for a while to settle in. I cam back 30 mins later and he was still sittting in the same position . He then made an effort to climb the glass but just kept slipping down.

    The waxworms had not been touched.

    Its not really done much other than just stay pretty much in the same place for 2 days. It can see food but wouldn't eat it.

    Then today i had a look in and all was fine.Ten mins later it was laying sprawled out on the ground with its mouth open . I looked to see if it was breathing but couldn't see its body moving.

    I gently nudged him but no response. I got him out and there were no signs of life.

    Im totally gutted. More than my girlfried who it was for. I spent a lot of time reseaching this and setting it up trying not to alert my GF of her Xmas present

    I had done my homework and knew then had to have the right environment.

    What I'm trying to ascertain now is if the blame lies with me be it humidity or temperature was wrong or the pet shop has sold me an ill frog.

    I'm using an exo terra rainforest kit .The humidity was at 75% and the temp was 74 c
    which from my research is OK.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Paul Rust

    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    I would guess an ill frog from the pet shop. The staying in one place and not eating for a few days is normal for a new frog under stress. You wont see them eat either as they are nocturnal unless you stay up late to observe them. I hope the 74C temp is wrong, that is 165F and would surely kill it. The conditions in the setup sound fine as these frogs aren't really that fragile and can tolerate temps and humidity out of the ideal range, IME. Take it to the pet shop and exchange it if they will. Sorry this happenned but I doubt you had anything to do with it and at least it spent it's last few hours in a loving home.

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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    I agree. It sounds like the petshop gave you an ill frog. And by the way I hope you meant 74F.

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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    I doubt there is anything you could have done to harm him in such a short time. Frogs can get stressed out to the point they will croak but it would probably have to include your dog barking at him constantly for two days. He most certainly was sick when you got him and the simple change in environment pushed him over the edge. Why don't you post a pic of the tank you had him in. Take him back and ask for a refund.

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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days


    Thanks everyone for the reply.

    I have a couple of pics of the frog which I took on the day i bought it. He or she looks healthy enough but alas not it turns out.

    I'm just off down the pet shop now to see if I can get a replacement.

    I made a mistake with the temp. I did indeed mean 74 F not 74 C.

    I will post a pic of the tank later today with an update from the pet shop. I followed the instruction on the care sheet for setting up the tank so I'm hoping that's not a factor.

    And again thanks for the posts. It has set my mind a rest a little.Although Im still kinda gutted .
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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    Ah, sorry this happened to you. Pet shop animals are often stressed and diseased. Rather than getting another one from the pet shop, why not look around for a captive-bred one? They are likely to be healthier than pet shop frogs.

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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    Just go back from the pet-shop and they have given me a credit note. When they get another in they are going to call me. They not easy to come by round this way!

    I may get 2 this time to keep each other company.

    Thank you all for your help.

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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I have just recently got 2 of these little guys. And your right, they are difficult to come by! All of the reptile stores in my area keep telling me to come back in Spring though.

    Hope you get another one soon


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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    Yeah I could only find 1 pet store in a 20 mile radius that had any tree frogs. They only had one and he was priced at 69.95 !

    One thing the pet shop did say is that they had someone in and they bought 5 tree frogs but left the one I bought. Poor little bugger. Maybe he was lonely? Or maybe the chap who bought the rest saw something I hadn't.

    Any ways I just have to wait now until I get a phone call!

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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    69.95?? Wow thats alot of money, i payed 39.99 each for my two. Which isn't too bad. They're established, healthy and captive bred. So i can't complain.

    But seriously, for that money, make sure they give you that replacement!

    Whereabouts in UK are you located? I have a few shops with my name and telephone number for when they get RETF's back in stock. I could pass the names of these shops onto you if your nearby?


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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    Thanks James .

    I'm in east Sussex and I did think it was a little on the expensive side.

    I'm going to have a look further a field next time .



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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    Well depending on how far you're wanting to travel, there's paws for thought in Leeds West Yorkshire. This is where i got my two from and appareantl; throughout spring+summer they have them in stock on a regular basis... Best shop in West Yorkshire, hands down.

    Then there's New World Exotics in Nottingham, Beeston. They get them in regulary.

    There is one or two others, can't think of them right now though Those are the best two though!

    Happy New Year!


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    Default Re: My Red eye tree frog died after 2 days

    where did you buy yours pls say online, I cant trust stores they lie too often. last 3 I had died because they weren't captive bred...

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