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Thread: What to feed a albino african clawed frog?

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    Exclamation What to feed a albino african clawed frog?

    Hi im new here and ive had this frog for 5 days now and ive been feeding him fish flakes and betta pellets is this good for him he seems to like it alot and love eating it what is anothr food i should feed him- THANKS

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    Both of these foods are wrong. He scarfs them down because these frogs are gluttons and will eat anything that will fit in their mouth. This doesn't mean its good for him though. Lol.
    A good staple diet for African Clawed frogs is Tetra's Reptomin. You'll want to break it into pieces for him though. Another choice is a specially formulated food you can find on Other good things to feed him are tubifex worms, earthworms (farm raised to prevent disease and parasites), some people feed them raw trout, salmon, and tilapia. You can even feed them feeder guppies. Do NOT feed bloodworms, beefheart, or mealworms as these can all cause disease or impaction for your frog. Other fish like goldfish should not be given to your frog either. Other people have said that canned crickets have given them problems with their frogs as well that has lead to death, so these are best avoided as well.

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    Along with good diet make sure that any of the plants that you have in the tank he can't get suck on or in. We had one get his back leg stuck and drowned, not a good day. Just a heads up.

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