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    Talking Hello frog lovers

    I'm brand new to this whole frog thing, and this forum, so hello.

    I recently bought and set up an Exo Terra Rainforest Terrarium (Medium size) and am prepared to put in a Dumpy Tree Frog (same as White's Tree Frog, right?) in a few hours. I'm pretty excited. I've been preparing for this for a while now, this whole thing is actually a christmas gift for my frog loving live-in girlfriend who's out of state visiting family - but now I seem to have fallen in love with frogs. Been doing a lot of reading and bouncing around pet store to pet store just to look at the frogs and pick out the one I wanted.

    As soon as I can get my terrarium up to 80 degrees I'm off to get the frog!!! I certainly don't think it will be the only one living in there - I got a big enough size (18x18x24 - 32 gallons, right?) to comfortably support one more if my girlfriend wants to pick out another Dumpy.

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    Welcome to the Forum! Price of admission: pictures!! Can't wait to see some of your new addition. These frogs are great introduction to keeping frogs and I hope you will enjoy him or her for many years!

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    Welcome aboard.

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    Pictures? I can do that. I need a better camera but I got the best I could. The darker, grainy shot was the little guy in the "moonlight" after having hunted down a cricket in the dark.

    It was neat the way the frog just "knew" there was a cricket placed in the enclosure. From its spot at the top of the terrarium, it woke up immediately and moved around up top, then slowly made its way down and leaped to a vine (I was scared it wouldn't be sturdy enough for the frog but it took the weight just fine). I let it eat in the dark. Wanted it to feel comfortable its first day home
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