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    OK so I have 2 California Tree frogs, both have stopped moving around as much. Tonight I go to feed them and one of them is upside down and not moving. We pull him out to check on him and he is ok but not moving one of his legs.

    Last week I found him underwater and not moving I thought he was dead untill I pulled him out of the water and he started moving again.

    They live in an aquarium filled with rock on one side and a waterfall on the other so they can swim or chill on land when ever they want. The water is treated and filtered. The weather in my town has been in the 90's -105 degrees, So it gets hot as hell in our apartment but we try to keep the A/C on as much as possible. I have been feeding them meal worms because that is what they seemed to like best.

    I have had them since they were the size of your little fingernail just transformed from tadpoles. Any info anyone might have would be helpfull, me and my 5 year old daughter got them from the desert and if they die on me my daughter will see to it that there is hell to pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisK View Post
    The weather in my town has been in the 90's -105 degrees, So it gets hot as hell in our apartment but we try to keep the A/C on as much as possible
    That sounds like the problem. However they sound relatively far gone, which means the heat stress has probably led to a septicaemic disease. Solve the temperature problem (major fluctuations in temperature over a 24 hour period, over and over again, are worse than a constant reasonably high temperature), and get them checked by a vet asap.
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    thanks for the reply John, I'll do what I can.

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    I would also cut back on the mealworms. More soft bodied insects, such as crickets should be used more often than meal worms, which are high in chitin. Excessive amounts of chitin in the digestive track can lead to bowel impaction and death.

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    was he bloated up in the water as well? I had a simular situation that didn't end well.

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