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Thread: Do you think my Grey tree frog is bloated?

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    Question Do you think my Grey tree frog is bloated?

    Hi all,
    I brought Charlie home two days ago believeing her to be an American green tree frog but as you can see she quite clearly isn't. Any how, the pet shop had run out of crickets so said that mealworm would do for now. I feed her 3 on the first day but believe she only ate one, as this was observed and I have removed another the 3rd I'm yet to find. I picked the smallest I could find out of the tub. I have not fed her since but I feel that she may have become a little bloated. I have just given her a warm soak, which she did not appear to like at all. I kept it short due to her looking stressed, she was probably not in the water long at all. I did managed to get some pictures. I would be very grateful if someone more knowledgeable could take a look and see if they think she could be bloated, or just over fed?

    Thanks in advance Iona x
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    Looks fine to me and it's definitely not a green treefrog, Hyla cinerea. Its a gray treefrog H. versicolor or chrysoscelis. Just give it a few more days to settle in.

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    Default Re: Do you think my Grey tree frog is bloated?

    Thanks for the reply Kurt. I have since fed Charlie two small crickets and she seems fine. I have looked at pictures of other gray tree frogs and see that she looks totally fine. Think I may stay clear of mealworms for sometime.

    Thanks again.


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