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Thread: (Male & Female) !Ornate Horned Frogs!

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    Deejay Mayweather

    Arrow (Male & Female) !Ornate Horned Frogs!

    Hey Guys & Gals,,,,As use have all probably noticed i aint been on here in ages. You can just say i was on a long HOLIDAY...

    Anyway i thought i would post a few pics of JUST a couple of my ornates for now to get the ball rolling....more soon to come of all my different ceratrophrys-family.

    First lot are of 1 of my male ornates....

    Attachment 3337

    Attachment 3338

    Attachment 3339

    Attachment 3340

    Second lot are of 1 of my female ornates....

    Attachment 3341

    Attachment 3342

    Attachment 3343

    Attachment 3344

    Thanks for looking......

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    Deejay Mayweather

    Default Re: (Male & Female) !Ornate Horned Frogs!

    HELP!!!! Does anyone know whats going on with my pics??????

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    Default Re: (Male & Female) !Ornate Horned Frogs!

    LOL I 'was' really excited to see the pictures. (snicker..)

    Are you trying to attach pics from your computer, not a photo site? Are you using the wrong pic tag to attach pics from a photo site?

    Someone with more experience posting will know.

    I look forward to seeing your ornates!

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    Deejay Mayweather

    Default Re: (Male & Female) !Ornate Horned Frogs!

    hey yes im trying to upload from my computer but it aint working any ideas???

    Or do you no how i can delete this thread, so i can retry?

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    Default Re: (Male & Female) !Ornate Horned Frogs!

    Hi Deejay,

    You can load pictures from your computer into a photo album on Frogforum, then copy the link below the photo into your post with the 'insert image' button.

    Or you can upload images to a service like photobucket, etc. And use their direct link below the image the same way.

    You can not upload an image directly into a post from your computer. Hope that helps.



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