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Thread: My pacman frog is acting weird

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    Default My pacman frog is acting weird

    Hello. im a little surprise about my pacman frog. usually at night she is sitting there calmly. but for the past 3 day she have she is moving around way to much like she want to get out..she also jump alot and bump into the wall. i pick up her furry mess that she left in the water on sunday. i heard that when pacman frogs are moving alot, that mean its hungry, but today i bought her a feeding mice and she does not want to eat, she just want to keep jumping and bumping her head....does anyone has a suqquestion with what is going on??


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    Default Re: My pacman frog is acting weird

    It sounds like one of the following:
    - She has outgrown her container
    - She doesn't have enough substrate in which to burrow and doesn't feel secure
    - She's unwell - does she have good ventilation?
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    Default Re: My pacman frog is acting weird

    Mines kinda actng funny too. it's also raming the side of its tank. when he's not he just sit with his eyes closed. I'm hoping it's the time of year as his tank is hudge and well monidered for temp. He doesn't seem to want to eat either. got really mad when i put him in his feeding tank

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