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    Hey everyone. Just wanna give you a little heads up on this e-bay seller. I just bought some feather moss off her and I been talking to her through e-bay. She a great seller and very kindly. With fast responses to e-mail. Best part is all her plants are organic. She doesn't use any chemicals or anything. She picks the best looking of the bunch each time. If your looking to buy some plants for your Terrarium or Vivarium, even just house plants I highly recommend checking her out. Her e-bay seller name is sugarmagnolia184. Here a link to her e-bay store.

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    I just purchased an order of mosses and ferns from her as well. She gave me extra. They came quickly and well-packed. Natalie is very nice, and enthusiastic about terrarium building. She's always available to answer questions. I'd buy from her again.

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