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    Since my animal room is basically devoted to caudates I keep the temperature relatively cool, with the highs being in the upper 60's F. I have had to use outside heating methods however for the leopard geckos, tarantulas, and the one lone Pyxicephalus. I believe that "it" is a female, basing this on the fact that she is only around 4.5 " at about two years old. I have her(?) in a 10 gallon tank with a water bowel, cork bark shelter, and about 3 " of substrate (coco fiber/topsoil mix). I do plan on moving her to a 20 long one of these days when I get around to it. For heat I am using a 50 watt ceramic heater. I also bought a larger unit for the leopard geckos (which also have an undertank heating pad). This is my first experience using these devices and I am curious about anyone else's experience with them, especially with frogs. Using an infared temperature gun the readings vary from 78 F directly under the element to around 72 F on the opposite end of the tank. I suppose that my concern is how dry the heat is. Opinions?

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    Regarding humidity, I just make sure to mist the surface of the tank substrate every day or so. I don't measure it. This has always worked for me in the past. I use an overhead spot lamp as a heat source.

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    I mist everyday as well. I have been using a window unit AC all summer to keep the salamanders cool and this also drys the air out. The frog seems happy but I just want to make sure that it is comfortable. With around 100 plus gallons of aquarium water in the room I at first did not think that a humidifier is needed but I am starting to reconsider. Thanks for your input John.

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