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Thread: Red Eye Tree frog possibly sick?

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    Default Red Eye Tree frog possibly sick?

    I've had RETF for about 2 months now. I only had one and I got another one about 5 days ago. He looks skinny on the back side. Not his belly his back is bony. He hasn't eaten since I got him. He moves a little bit but not much. He barely wakes up at night. Coloring looks fine. My temp is 70 to 75 at night and 75 to 80 during the day. Humidity is about 70%. Not sure what to do he is not acclimating even close to like my first one did.

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    To try and perk him up, perhaps mix a 10% unflavored pedialyte to water solution and soak him in that for a few minutes. In some cases this increases appetite and activity.

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    Default Re: Red Eye Tree frog possibly sick?

    should i do that now or should i give him a little bit longer? he jumps around alot when i first was putting him in his new home and i know he isn't going to take me handling him again lightly.

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    2 Comments: 1 if the frog soaks in its water bowl often enough, just put a small amount into the bowl and wait for it to soak, if not then yes you'll have to handle it a little.
    2. It is probably advantageous if you post some images, that way members more experienced than I can assess whether anything seems physically wrong.

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    Default Re: Red Eye Tree frog possibly sick?

    I haven't even seen him go soak himself in the water yet, so I would have to handle him. I couldn't believe the way the guy handled him at the pet store. He was sleeping on the back wall and just basically ripped him off the wall by his belly. I asked the employee you know you ain't supposed to be that rough with them right? He says oh I always pick up my frogs like that. I won't be going back there again. I'm guessing he is really skittish right now because of that incident but I can be wrong. I know sometimes they won't start eating till like a week after you put them in there new home by i'm a person that always gets worried about my pets and he being bony in the back is what concerns me a little.

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