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    hello everyone, I just found my second Grey Tree Frog and they seem to be getting along alright, at least not trying to eat each other. my question is, how long should I keep monitoring them before I can be sure its safe to have them together? They are both wild spawned, and one is only slightly larger than the other, the smaller of the two has been with me for a month or so, and i'm worried about his safety more than having two. Also how important is the vitamin powder? i feed them wild caught black crickets and store bought crickets. I'm sure i could dig these answers out of the forums, but I also wanted to say hi since i'm new to They are currently in a 10-gallon tank, with moss beding and a large plastic pond. is that enough room for two? i'm worried about the stress as much as I am them eating each other. the newer and larger grey tree frog seems a little hyper, but I remember the smaller being like that when in a new strange place. They have seen each other and the smaller of the two has even knocked the larger on his butt from the walls once or twice, so i'm really hopeing they will get along.

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    Welcome to the forum Stewy. They won't eat each other. I would be more concerned about the new one carrying a disease that the old one could catch but I suppose it's too late now since you've put them together. Vitamin powder is important because in captivity they get a much less varied diet than in the wild so you need to make sure they get full nutrition. I would be careful with wild caught food - aside from it carrying parasites, which the frogs surely already have since they are wild caught, insects collected from areas where pesticides are used can cause harm to the frogs that eat them.

    The tank is a little small but should do - provide lots of branches and perches, and plenty of cover for them.

    Good luck.
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