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Thread: Captive Gray Frog inside for the winter

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    Hey to all,
    We found a Gray tree frog on our hose reel, the next day it was on our hybiscus right by our back door. We ended up trying to move the frog to another tree because we were going to bring the hybiscus inside for the winter. 2 days later, it was back. There was no area in our back yard that he could have hybernated, (all cement and pea gravel,) so we took him in for the winter and will put him out in the same hybiscus tree for the summer. We hope to repeat this process for years to come because we really enjoyed his company.
    A couple questions: What are the odds that I can repeat this process for years to come? Will he take off to breed? We can hear so many tree frogs in the area in mid-late summer even though there is no noticable pools of water around.
    And he is only eating crickets. We started on meal worms and he ate a few but that may be out of hunger. We bought him crickets for a treat and that is all that he will eat now. Our back yard is FULL of baby crickets so that's why I think he would stay there and prefers them. How many crickets should he eat in a day???
    That's it for now.

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    If you take a frog in to your home for any length of time, it is best to just keep them as your pet. It is rarely a good idea to release it back into the wild. CRICKETS need to be his staple diet. Make sure the crickets and any other feeders are smaller than his mouth is wide. Meal worms should only be given as treats because they are high in chitin which can lead to intestinal blockage (impaction). You can also feed him fruit flies. Keeping a variety of feeders on hand is a good idea. The number of crickets that he should be eating per day depends on his size and age. My Gray tree frogs (I have 11) are 2 months old and they each eat about 7-10 crickets per day, the size of the crickets are about 1/8 inch. I also throw in some fruit flies each day so they can have a snack in between meals. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. Welcome to the forum.

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