Hey guys -

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on the forum. We've been going through our deworming treatment with our little guys, which is about a two hour process each night between cleaning and sanitizing each hospital tank. Anyway, on our new arrival (Ori) hasn't eaten since the first night that she arrived, which was two weeks ago!!! We've tried everything to get her to eat, and in the process, we've seen a really strange behavior that I'm not familiar with: she'll occasionally lunge after a cricket, but then it's like her mouth/tongue just get stuck. She'll sit there for a few seconds with her mouth wide open, and her tongue rolled out and finally close her mouth having been unsuccessful in the hunt. We've seen this behavior multiple times! Usually after that, it's like she just gives up and climbs up the feeding tank away from the crickets.

Has anyone seen this behavior? Anything we can do? FYI, all three went to the vet last Monday for an exam. The vet found nothing unusual, no bloating, no impaction, etc. Ori had a very healthy weight (the fattest of them all), is very very active, very green. We've seen no other behavior changes/symptoms besides this eating failure.

All three frogs are currently in separate hospital tanks during their deworming treatment. This is a precautionary treatment with panacur, no positive tests for parasites. They'll be tested again in three weeks after the treatment is complete. Temps/humidity are appropriate (50% humidity, 75-85 temps, and they get a UVB cycle for 12 hours, crickets are dusted, etc.)

So any ideas guys? I'm getting worried : ( Anyone had their frogs tongue get "stuck" like that?