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Thread: Best Terrarium?

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    Default Best Terrarium?

    Hi y'all, I've finally got just enough cash to start thinking about getting the darts I've allways wanted. Anyway I've been searching the net for a suitable home for them.
    I have a Exo-Terra 45.45.60 for my WTFs and I'd really like another front opening glass tank for the darts. I want to keep the cost of the tank down so I can spend more on lighting,water feature, plants, etc.

    Could anyone please recomend me any cheap'ish front opening glass terrariums other than exo-terra.
    Or can Darts be kept safely in wooden glass front ones?

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    Default Re: Best Terrarium?

    Zoo med makes them and I think R zilla has them as well. Maybe check out some where like That Pet Place or Dr. Foster and Smith to compare prices and get descriptions. I know I really like them to. Right now my 2 White's Tree Frogs are in a 15 high. But I want to upgrade them to and just dont know which brand. Some come with the light and others dont. Plus I wish they were all a little taller and deeper.

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    Default Re: Best Terrarium?

    For many darts an exo terra is a big waste of height. Even their cube shaped terraria may be a little tall, depending on the kind of dart frog you're getting.
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    US 20 gallon long for the win in my opinion. Trades height for surface area without wasting volume. Also, most efficient footprint of any mid-size enclosure. It also allows you to customize the cover to do such useful things as a humid side and a dry side. They are very easy to access to keep clean too.
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