I went to my local reptile shop to pick up some crickets and for the first time I noticed that he had a tree frog. I felt so sorry for this little Green Tree frog as he was sitting down in the dirt next to a very dirty water bowl. He was in a 40 gal tall enclosure with about five crested geckos. There was only one fake leafy plant stuck to the glass on one side and the geckos were all over it and under it. He had no where to go. He also had dirt stuck all over him. Really sad. My daughter wanted to purchase him to rescue him but the owner will simply see the sale as a success and buy more frogs. I would like to go back in there and offer to design a proper setup for that frog. At first I was thinking a setup just like my red eyes but this Guy doesn't look like he does any housekeeping maintenance so it will have to be a really simple setup. I would also have to assume he's not going to use a light fixture so live plants wouldn't be an option. What do you guys think? He's got some empty 12x12 tanks so if I moved the frog to one of those at least he'd be in a tank by himself. I was thinking ab ityout just moss covering the soil, a branch, a fake leafy plant, a water dish and a cricket bowl. Ill cover up most of the top because I doubt if he'll mist very often. He looks like a standard Green Tree frog with a white lip and he's about 2 inches long. Hopefully the owner lets me help him out. This is a small shop and I think the owner runs it by himself.