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Thread: 55 gallon conversion from fish to whites tree frog

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    Default 55 gallon conversion from fish to whites tree frog

    Hey, i was looking for a little advice or help.Today I emptied my 55 gallon fish tank and decided to turn it into a new whites tree frog habitat. I planted some grass seed in it today and i am waiting for it to grow. i was wondering how i can make my own climbing areas for the frog.I don't know how to go about gathering branches for him to climb on or what to look for that he would like. he is yongue, about the size of my thumb and i am hoping to get him a roommate when i upgrade him...... any advice will be happily accepted thank you.

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    You can buy grape wood at most pet stores. You can collect branches from outside and bake them for an hour or so at 200 F. That should kill any nasty stuff on them. let them cool before using.

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    Do some google searches. I know that I found an awesome photo essay of a vivarium upgrade showing the progress. Obviously, I second everything from Kurt!

    Oh, and I will say that we've had some great luck with the plastic branches that you can buy for aquariums! Just be sure to plug up any big holes. Our little Kibbits liked to crawl inside and sleep, which although cute, was a pain to lure him out come feeding time. We learned our lesson!

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