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Thread: Green Frog Bloating Troubles

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    Default Green Frog Bloating Troubles

    Over the past couple of weeks our Green Frog "Froggi" has developed a bloated body and her breathing is abnormal. We had used some tap water and switched to distilled water.

    Please reply back with any suggestions you may have.

    I have a couple pictures to show the bloating.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Default Re: Green Frog Bloating Troubles

    Looks to be edema, so you need to see a vet for the antibiotic to cure. There may also be a respirtory infection as well. Distilled water is no good as a primary water source, as it is too clean, no trace elements. Dechlorinated or age tap water is your best bet.

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    Default Re: Green Frog Bloating Troubles

    I agree with Kurt's assessment. Regarding distilled water, it's good for misting but not for pure use in a water bowl, etc.
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