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Thread: Heating and lighting for a Pacman?

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    Hey, I haven't posted too much here but I do finally have a question to ask. I recently picked up a baby green Pacman frog (approx. 1 3/4" long) at a reptile expo, and I'm having a bit of trouble with his heating and lighting. He's in a 10 gallon tank with an aquarium hood, and while the lights (30 watts total) do provide the proper heat, they seem to be making the tank too dry even though I do mist a few times a day. I also cut some leaves off my pothos plant and stuck them in the coco fibre to try and help with the humidity. Well, I was going to get a heat pad, but I'm thinking does he also need a light? What should I use for his heat, for his light (if he should have one), and, what should I use as a lid for the tank? Should I get a glass or Plexi-glass top, with some screen for ventilation, or what do you recommend?

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    They don't require light directly on them. Maybe you can post a picture of the kind of hood your using now?
    Usually a half screen half covered (with glass, plastic wrap, and etc) hood helps keep the moisture in.

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    I'm trying to figure out heating myself. I have my cranwelli in a 5gal glass with a pad on the side and half the top covered with glass. Temp is usually mid to low 70s in there but he is always on the opposite side of the heater. My ornata is in a round plastic deal with a pad on the side, and he's always backed up to the pad.

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    I have a horned frog in an 18x18x18 vivarium.the temperature is around 80f and the heat is maintained by a heat pad that is on constantly and sits under the viv.I also have a thermostaticly controlled ceramic heat lamp.I was informed at first to place the heat pad on the side! this helps to heat the room more than the vivarium as radiant heat convects upwards not side ways.The side mounted heat mat would require an insulation backing to get as much heat as possible through the glass.I have positioned my heat mat so that it is underneath half of the water dish and half of the substrate.The frog finds its own comfort zone and the heat radiates upwards.Place a thermometer low down touching the substrate as this is the temperature your frog is experiencing.

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    I was having the same issue. I bought a repti fogger and the zoo med hydro therm. I'm using a 60watt ceramic heat emitter to keep the temperture up and the repti fogger to keep the humidity up. I also have a 13watt exo terra natural light on a 12 hr on and off cycle. I spray the tank every morning but It still drys up by the afternoon. The fogger keep the humidity up but the ground gets dry. Any suggestions?

    I keep the top covered with tin foil on one half side and a towel on the other side.

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