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    This is the 2nd time my White's tree frog has escaped. This time I did not panic. After pulling all the furniture out and searching with a flashlight, I waited. The 2nd day I knew he would be getting a little dehydrated so I set three bowls of water around the room and put the critter keeper with crickets inside on the floor by the biggest water bowl. I waited till dark when I usually hear him call and I let out a "yip". While he didn't answer back I did see him perched on a table eyeballing the crickets and the water bowl.
    When I put the frog back in his tank, I discovered the old-fashioned latch will click shut and then release. I have taped the door shut for now until I can change the little fella to a different tank.
    This is just an informational post for others who might experience the same problem in the future. Don't give up, the first time I found him in the daytime.

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    Phew! I'm soo glad you found him and everything turned out ok!
    It can be very scary when your frog disappears. You stayed amazingly calm and collected! And patiently drew the frog out of hiding.

    I think this will help anyone that may experience this with their frogs.
    Thank you for posting!


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    Glad you found him.
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    Your very lucky you don't have cats and or dogs. If one of my frogs got loose it would be the end for them. One froglet < 1" jumped out of the feeding container, while I was adding more crickets, right onto the cat who immediatly took off from being startled. I completely freaked out and tore the basement apart only to find that the froglet jumped off almost immediatly on a nearby ladder. Had I not found it I am sure one of our 5 cats or 3 dogs would have and most likely played with it to death. Aweful thought. I bought 3 cricket bowls and now feed them in their tank,. I can't go through that again, too stressful!

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