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Thread: New WTF - Size difference/Quarantine process

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    Hello all - it's been a while since I wrote. As you all know, we've been fighting to save little Kibbits for over two months now; unfortunately, Kibbits passed away last week. After numerous vet visits, cultures, and biopsies, and multiple rounds of antibiotics and shots, we just got a point where there was nothing else that we could do : (. The vet did an amazing job trying to help us fight whatever was making him so sick, but we just couldn't figure it out in time, even with all the tests we had done : (. We are going to miss him terribly and are very broken-hearted about it.

    Though it was hard to think about the "next step" so soon, we were so sad for our remaining frog, Igby, being all alone. She's already been alone for two months (since Kibbits was in quarantine). So on a cheerier side, we found a reputable breeder (Josh's Frogs - they were amazing with us), and picked up new 5-month old WTF today to start the quarantine/transition process. Given the long quarantine process, we wanted to start as early as we could so she'd have a friend.

    This is the first time we've gone through the process of transitioning a new frog into a tank with an older frog. The question I have is this: beyond the quarantine time (to make sure everyone is healthy), how long do we need to wait to make sure the new frog isn't in any danger because of the size difference? Quibble (the new frog) is 1.5 inches, and Igby is about 2.75 inches. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: New WTF - Size difference/Quarantine process

    First, I am so sorry to hear about Kibbits I was really praying he was going to make it. I am glad you decided to get another frog for Igby. Everyone on the Forum raves about Joshs Frogs so I'm sure you won't have any problems with Quibble. It is recommended to keep frogs in quarantine for 30 days just to make sure everything is okay when you first get them. I know its tough to do because you want to throw them in but it's better to be safe than sorry. Your size difference isn't a huge difference at this point and I bet if you feed Quibble you'll be amazed how much he will grow in the next 30 days. I think the important thing will be to be certain that both of them are eatting and Igby is not intimidating Quibble when they are both put together. I bought two Red Eyes around the same time and they were about the same size when I got them but one is a girl and she sprouted to twice the size of the boy in a very short amount of time. I monitor my frogs very closely and always make sure that each one is eating what they want every time I feed. I use the infamous cricket bowls that everyone talks about. I've got three frogs in one tank so depending on their timing I sometimes have 3 bowls in the tank so each frog has his own. I make sure to see each one eat every time I feed. With the bowls I have them like clockwork. I also have a pretty good size water area so there is also no competition over one water bowl. Bottom line is I don't think you'll have a size problem after the 30 days just fatten up Quibble as much as you can and keep an eye on him once he's in there with Igby. Good luck and please post a picture of little Quibble when you get a chance.

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    Thank you so much for your kind words about Kibbits! This community really kept me going through that hard time and it means a lot to know you were pulling for him! It was so hard, especially after two months of round-the-clock care, to know we had to say goodbye.

    Your advice is wonderful with our new little guy. We knew we would have to keep him in quarantine for the month, but we're just hoping that we wouldn't have to extend it longer than that to give him time to catch up. Since Kibbits got sick, we've been feeding Igby in a separate "feeding tank," so we could monitor any appetite changes. Sounds like we should continue doing that so we can eventually monitor whether Quibble is getting his share once they are together.

    I'll post pictures very soon! It's amazing. You don't realize how much your frogs have grown until you have another "baby" in the house. ; ) And yes, thanks to everyone on here, we found Josh's Frogs. Be it chance, or fate, we found out they were going to be around our area this weekend, so he brought down a WTF just for us. Glad to have him home safe and sound!

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