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Thread: Southern toad diet

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    Default Southern toad diet

    I raise tadpoles from the neighborhood pond bordering my backyard and release them when they become froglets. It saves them from being eaten by fish as babies, and gives me something to nurture when I'm too sick for foster kittens. Anyways, my southern toad tadpoles have been primarily on a diet of spinach and kale, as well as algae, biofilm, and whatever plants they decide to nibble. I moved them so they’re cohabitating with some small peaceful fish not long ago (bluefin killifish, swamp darters, and least killifish) and they’ve been really enjoying the leftover blood worms the fish don't finish. They go for them before they eat their kale/spinach (which I boiled chopped up and froze for them). It's reasonably subtle with the young tadpoles, but looking at the froglets I am seeing a visible difference in chubbyness compared to the ones who never had blood worms.

    Is the diet of only greens that seems to be the common recommendation for this species insufficient? Should they be getting more protein, particularly towards the end of their transition? Is there any reason letting them continue sharing the blood worms as part of their diet could be harmful?

    How do we get our information on nutritional requirements of tadpoles? I'm curious how well it's been studied and with what kind of methodology. Thanks guys!
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    Default Re: Southern toad diet

    In the wild they are going to find more protein. A sinking fish food, such as cichlid wafers, has worked well for me in the past.

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