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    Unhappy Cloudy Eyes

    Hello! My FBT, Pickles, has cloudy eyes.
    I first noticed his eyes looking odd about 2 weeks ago, I thought it was shed.
    A few days ago I got a real good look at him and noticed a lot of cloudiness especially in the left eye, it may even be swollen slightly.
    I've had Pickles for 7 years, he's from PetSmart so I have no idea how old he is. He also has a tankmate, Basil, also a FBT. Basil appears totally fine.

    Set up: 25 gallon tank, semi aquatic with an activated charcoal filter. Tank and filter were deep cleaned last week - 2 weeks ago.
    I do not use chemicals for cleaning only white vinegar on water build up. Tap water is treated with water treatment I believe reptisafe brand. I have a submerged water heater set at 22C, frogs are in the basement apartment so it's quite chill in the winter (Canada).

    I feed mostly crickets occasionally mealworms, dusted with calcium every other week. Pickles eats about 6 small or 4 medium crickets each week. He is quite plump, he always has been.
    I live in Canada so Dubia roaches are illegal. (They seem gold standard for most frogs, I also keep WTF)

    My frog supplier/breeder suggest diluted melafix. I have Pickles in quarantine. He's had a Melafix soak last night. I also have Pimafix and turtle eye drops on hand.
    My car is out of commission right now so going to a vet would be kind of difficult.
    So far I'm thinking it could be bacterial, fungal, age, trauma, or fat build up?
    Any advice please? I will try to get a picture later. I didn't want to disturb the little guy right now since he's probably not super happy with being moved to the quarantine tank.

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    Default Re: Cloudy Eyes

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    Default Re: Cloudy Eyes

    I would really suggest taking him to a vet. Are you able to get a ride from someone else?
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