Cupcake is about threeyears old and has always acted normally. About a month ago, she started burrowing for weeks at a time. I cleaned her cage and her substrate (cocoearth) which is kept moist. She is in a 10 gallon tank kept at 78. After i dug her up to check on her, she began soaking nonstop for a week now. When i tried to handfeed her a 3 wk cricket, which she used to love, she made a grumpy noise to me. I change her water fur times her day (bottled Arrowhead). Our other pacman in another tank eats and poops constantly, same conditions. Cupcake has a uv day lamp and night warming lamp. Have tried various temperatures thinking maybe she was too cold or too hot. Have reduced the number of crickets in the tank thinking maybe the crickets bother her (the crickets have cricket food). But all shewants to do is stay in her water dish. Any suggestions?