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    Post Curio Cabinet Build (RE(T/L)F)

    Using this thread to post updates to from time to time. Hoping I can decide on some direction as I visit and update it.

    I have cared for RETF before and am ready to try it again. I have thought about various things to try over the last 5 years and had many ideas come and go. You can visit my photo album to see my old set ups, but I definitely have some improvements in mind.

    I was getting the exo terras down from the attic, and trying to get things ready for an idea I had. Using something like a canister filter to keep water clean and spray over a tank inside the terrarium that would not actually hold the water. just fill it with large rocks and let it drain out to a hidden reservoir tank outside of the enclosure that would then be filtered by the canister and put back in to the terrarium.

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    All of this is because I do not want to deal with water changes inside the terrarium.

    Anyways this same idea will apply, however, recently received this curio cabinet and think I can modify it to accomplish a better set up.

    What I love about this is

    1. it is much taller and this really is what the little guys love, I think they can be much happier than in the wasted width of space the exoterra provided.\

    2. I can hide the pump and reservoir tanks with ease and take up a smaller foot print in my house.

    I will spell these out in much better detail when they become more solid and less just bouncing around in my head but here is a small list of what this project will consist of:

    • some sort of waterproof paint job to keep the humid environment from ruining the wood.
    • cut a giant hole in the top and screen it, figure out light fixtures
    • silicone glass place
    • drill small vent holes in the side down low and cover with screened grommets to keep bugs out. this should help a natural ventilation draft that should pull and vent out the top.
    • cut a single piece of ceramic or silicone tile and silicone in the bottom. I can drill drain holes in the tile that will connect down to the hidden tank beneath and this will keep the cabinet safe if any water were to pool up in the substrate in case of a mishap with the water pump.
    • put an 8"tall plexiglass piece at the bottom accross the front to keep substrate layer from falling out when opening door.
    • use cork rounds, ghost wood and moss to decorate along with pothos, bromeliads and whatever else to make it look good. This is where I will need some help from you green thumbs out there.
    • paint the outside white and emboss the grooves with a black stain, upgrade the hardware(I'm thinking fossilized amber knobs)\
    • EDIT: Thinking of a fogger or mister, Don't know which would be best. Maybe mister to take care of watering the plants as well? can Pothos and Bromeliads get enough water with just a humidifier?

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    Will let you guy's know as I work on it how it goes. If you have any inputs or questions please ask, it will help me clarify it to myself at the least.

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