A little back story to help you understand my situation. So After being in the Fish keeping hobby for decades I am no longer able to continue, due to health reasons. (I have a muscle desease that has taking my mobilty away and makes it very painful to do simple task.) so Im looking for something new for my 240g tank, that is not drilled. the tank sits at eye level and needs a ladder to get into. which is a problem, and I have no way of lowering the stand since the tank is 500lbs empty. the stand and canopy are floor to ceiling to look like it was built into the wall so it is inclosed from the rest of the house and has its own side compartment for filtration and other things. What use to take me 15 minutes to do tank maintenace when it was full of fish, now takes me 3 hours, due to the pain My muscles cause. and so its just not worth it to me to continue with it. its because of my health i'm not doing as much when it comes to maintance, and has caused me to lose interest in the fish keeping hobby. thats why I am shutting down the tank. But I still want to do something with the tank, and I love frogs. I also don't have anyone to help me with the tank so that is the other problem.

So what I am wondering is this, Is the maintance on a frog tank more or less than a planted freshwater tank or about the same? It's not that I can't do any maintance or anything, its just not something I want/able to do on a weekly basis anymore.

I was thinking of either doing a bio-active paludarium with fire belly toads, Or a bio-active vivarium with Darts. I also have a 20g that will become a frog tank first, while I work on the big tank.

But somethings I need to know for the big tank is this, How much air flow for darts vs fire belly's? tank is 8'x2'x2'

Will I need an all glass lid for darts or some screen for ventilation? I have seen both, but nothing for my size tank. or should I just play around with it until I dial it in?

Do fire bellys need added humity or is house humidty fine since they like water to swim? basiclly do they need a glass top or screen top. which is prefered. since i have to make lids for the tank.

At this point I'm only in the planning and research stage. I still do not know if I will go through with it. but I am looking for options. If worse case comes the tank will sit empty. But I am just figuring things out and seeing what you all suggest.

Sorry for the rambling

thanks for your time.