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Thread: Whites tree frog with tongue issue

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    Default Whites tree frog with tongue issue

    Feeding my two Whites tree frogs manually because I had been away for a few weeks (having someone else feed them while I was out) and one of them, Leia, is looking a little skinny. I noticed something dark in her mouth and then realized that it was her tongue, and when I try to feed her she just opens her mouth really wide without actually getting the cricket. She will hold it open for a few seconds at a time, and sometimes she sticks her tongue out and/or pushes her eyes in. Here is a video of me trying to feed her.
    This is unusual behavior

    I have also been worried about how filthy the vivarium is getting, as its been longer than usual since the last time its had a thorough cleaning. Im planning to take care of that today as well, and I think Ill keep Leia seperate when I take the froggies out of the tank to wipe it down and replace their substrate. I will try to feed her again when I have her alone.

    Any advice that you all have to share would be much appreciated! Please let me know if you need any more information and/or a clearer image of her potentially afflicted tongue (perhaps without the vitamin dust from the cricket in this video)

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    Default Re: Whites tree frog with tongue issue

    Quarantine and immediately like you said. Have you tried feeding her without vitamins or calcium? Maybe try a new feeder? The dust could've somehow been contaminated or your frog might just be bored of her current food. I've had that happen once or twice. I would also ask the person who took care of them if they handled your frogs at. They might've not rinsed off their hands before handling.
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