My fiancé got me a Colorado river toad for my birthday and I am super duper stoked. She doesn’t chirp in any way, and she doesn’t have nuptial pads, so I’m guessing she’s a female! She’s 5in SvL, so possibly has more growing to do, but even if not she’s still impressive. I named her Tucson.

There was a post on here, I can’t remember where, that helped me out a lot with regard to care for her! She likes to hang out in her water bowl and remodel her enclosure with various digging spots. And sit in her food bowl. Super bright and personable now that she’s figured out that I’m the bearer of food! She came in a little underweight but now she’s looking lean and appropriately sized.

Anyone else here have and love this species? I thought I could never love a frog more than I love my cane toad, but here we are.

(Pictured: Tucson in her food dish)