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Thread: Isopods ok for small frogs to eat?

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    Default Isopods ok for small frogs to eat?

    I have an American gray treefrog that eats anything and everything. When I first got him he accidently ate an adult darkling beetle which cause him to become prolapsed. Luckily he recovered and I only gave him crickets and roaches from then on. Recently I've had a predatory terrestrial worm problem in his viv that has been decimating the springtail population. So I was wanting to add some giant orange isopods as they supposedly eat said worms. However im worried about baz eating them. He is only small. Anyone keep smallish treefrogs with isopods? Ever had problems with them eating them and not being able to pass them?

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    Default Re: Isopods ok for small frogs to eat?

    I would say it should be fine, but don’t introduce many isopod sat a time. They can quickly reproduce to the point of being a nuisance themselves, and potentially hazardous to the frogs.

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