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Thread: green tree frog- question on morals

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    Default green tree frog- question on morals

    iím in the houston area. there are green tree frogs everywhere here. i have a pet green tree frog i rescued that was originally from a big chain pet store, you know the type. since heís probably wild caught, would it be safe/legal for me to just let him go if i couldnít care for him anymore? i can care for him, but iím just asking in case something happens.

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    Default Re: green tree frog- question on morals

    No- by all means- do NOT release it.
    It may have picked up disease or pathogens while in captivity, which could be passed on to the local population.
    Additionally, since it was almost certainly collected elsewhere, allowing it to reproduce with the native population would pollute the local genetics.
    And, it probably is not legal, for the reasons mentioned above.

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