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Thread: Possible Hypo Wood Frog Tads??

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    Default Possible Hypo Wood Frog Tads??

    I wasn’t sure if I should put this here or in other frogs but they’re only being raised by me and being released so they’re still wild (collected from the wild, released in the same spot). Two tadpoles, one more so are very light in color compared to the others. It’s become more apparent now that they’re getting their actual frog coloration and legs!
    I thought I’d share photos and get other opinions on these guys. I’m sure Hypos can survive perfectly fine in the wild, but leave thoughts on that as well! I thought possibly leucistic as well but I figured they would have lighter eyes as Lucy’s?? Albinos same thing, they’re definitely not albino!

    I’m super excited and intrigued on this little find (:
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    Default Re: Possible Hypo Wood Frog Tads??

    Amphibian larva often appear light in color, and wood frog coloration is quite variable as well. It’s more likely that is what you are seeing, rather than hypomelanism. But, time will tell.

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