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Thread: Help! Toad with injured eye.

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    Default Help! Toad with injured eye.

    What's wrong with this little toad's eye? The pupil has gold streaks in it and it just looks weird compared to the other eye. I don't think it can see out of it. Is there anything I can do for it? I found it last night in the garden.
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    Default Re: Help! Toad with injured eye.

    I’m not seeing signs of injury. It’s probably just a birth defect.

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    Default Re: Help! Toad with injured eye.

    That's possible. It looks like the black has rubbed off and you can see the gold under it. It's weird.

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    Default Re: Help! Toad with injured eye.

    in my experience he’ll be just fine! if you wanna do him a favor maybe leave him a dish of dechlorinated/distilled water if you don’t decide to keep him

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    Default Re: Help! Toad with injured eye.

    That's good to know! I kept it. It loves to eat and is growing fast.

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