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Thread: Morphed froglets not eating?

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    Default Morphed froglets not eating?

    A while ago I got some Whites tree frog tadpoles. So far 3 of them have morphed into froglets. They've been out of the water for a week now and have completely absorbed their tails, but none of them seem to be eating still? I have them on paper towel and haven't seen any poop at all.

    They're in an 8x8x11" glass cage with screen top, UVB, temp is around 76-80, high humidity. I'm feeding fruit flies and baby crickets.

    Behavior-wise the froglets seem completely normal, active. Just not eating.

    Is this normal or something to be concerned about? I've raised around 6 other Whites froglets before but this is my first time starting out from tadpoles.

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    Default Re: Morphed froglets not eating?

    I thought they ate something found around the pond/water source they came from after they've turned. That's all I came across when I tried to find an answer last year. I don't remember what it said they eat though. My tadpole died before it turned into a froglet.
    You could try ants. I know the little small ones are out.

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