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Thread: Male Pixie Frog Maxed out at a really small size? Is this normal?

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    Default Male Pixie Frog Maxed out at a really small size? Is this normal?

    Hey guys, I got a baby african bullfrog last May, and for the first 6-7 months he was eating and growing constantly. Every day he would eat tons and tons of superworms, earth worms, roaches, etc. All of the sudden about 3-4 month ago he just stopped showing interest in food and has only eaten once or twice a week and just stopped growing around 4.5-barely 5 inches. I know he is male because he even started croaking loudly last summer, so there is no chance he is female. I always dust his food with repashy calcium plus, and even gave him some extra vitamin A supplements a month ago to see if that increased his eating. It did not. He does not appear unhealthy at all, his skin is clear and moist and his colors are good with no blemishes anywhere and his eyes look clear. When he does eat, other than having bad aim he doesn't have any issues at all. He is active and moves around the tank, and has not lost any weight despite his infrequent eating. He is currently in a 20 gallon with a huge water dish and kept around 80-85 degrees on his warm side. He gets misted daily and at least once a week I pour water in the soil to keep it mucky and humid. He did try to "hibernate" (I forgot the pixie frog word for it) once over the winter, but I poured in a lot of water and soaked him and he quickly came out of that.

    My question is, is it normal for some male pixie frogs to just top out at a small size? Is there anything with my care that stands out as wrong or problematic? Thank you so much for reading!

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