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    Default Impaction/Pacman frog won't eat

    I've had my pacman frog for a year. 10gal tank, coco fiber, humidity is 70-80, temp is 80 during the day, 75 at night. I mist him with dechlorinated water. I always take him out of his tank and unto a paper towel to feed him, so no chances of eating dirt or moss. I usually feed him crickets (smaller than the space between his eyes) and I give him hornworms as a treat. He does not have any signs of red leg, toxing out, or any illness.

    The last time I saw him poop was a little bit before christmas, usually, 2-3 weeks without pooping isn't out of the ordinary for him, but it's been too long. I can feel a hard lump in his right side. I place him in warm water for 20 minutes daily, and a honey bath every 2-3 days. I even massage his sides. Nothing. He will not eat, and he will not poop.

    Any ideas? Is there some other laxative treatment I can do? He isn't acting any differently, other than not eating and not pooping.

    I'm a minor and do not have access to a vet.

    Update: Homeboy just took the biggest dump I've ever seen, keep doing those honey baths folks!
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