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Thread: Impaction/Pacman frog won't eat

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    Default Impaction/Pacman frog won't eat

    I've had my pacman frog for a year. 10gal tank, coco fiber, humidity is 70-80, temp is 80 during the day, 75 at night. I mist him with dechlorinated water. I always take him out of his tank and unto a paper towel to feed him, so no chances of eating dirt or moss. I usually feed him crickets (smaller than the space between his eyes) and I give him hornworms as a treat. He does not have any signs of red leg, toxing out, or any illness.

    The last time I saw him poop was a little bit before christmas, usually, 2-3 weeks without pooping isn't out of the ordinary for him, but it's been too long. I can feel a hard lump in his right side. I place him in warm water for 20 minutes daily, and a honey bath every 2-3 days. I even massage his sides. Nothing. He will not eat, and he will not poop.

    Any ideas? Is there some other laxative treatment I can do? He isn't acting any differently, other than not eating and not pooping.

    I'm a minor and do not have access to a vet.

    Update: Homeboy just took the biggest dump I've ever seen, keep doing those honey baths folks!
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    Default Re: Impaction/Pacman frog won't eat


    You can use mineral oil given by mouth using a .5 mL or 1mL feeding syringe. Only give about .2 to .3 mL and make sure it is just plain mineral oil.

    Glad he finally pooped. Just keep the information above for future concerns if it happens again and he cannot pass the blockage.

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    Default Re: Impaction/Pacman frog won't eat

    Glad it pooped eventually. Just to note it will have every chance to ingest substrate every time it sheds as the substrate can stick to the skin as it is pulled into the mouth and swallowed.

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