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Thread: a sad update =/

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    ive been pretty buisy with school and i frankly forgot i was on this forum. anyways goldenboy as some of you remember was my male american toad. in october or november, one of those months, he passed away due to age related complications. im not exactly sure of his age but i have reason to belive that he was old. he passed away very comfortably and peacfully and will be missed for ever. some of you also may know how i have the toad with the funny eye. saddly she passed very unexpectedly last weekend. i remember taking photos of her 2 days before her death and she was very healthy and happy. im not sure what caused her to pass at such a young age with so little notice. i belive it could be that possibly her heart or somthing was not fully develouped and her body wasnt ready to take on being a toad and just gave up. i separated her from slippy a few months prior as she was having a difficult time finding her water and also living with a big male.pinky will for ever be in my heart and i will miss her very much. i dont remember when my last post was here but il introduce him/reintroduce him. slippy is my male american toad. he is pretty big and super funny and smart. he is a litttle comedian with a charming face that i photoshop on to everything.

    not sure if ive introduced them yet either but i got 2 more grey tree frogs. these guys are babys and were froglets more or less when i got them theyve grown a bit but are still super small little buds. i havnt named them yet and im going to wait a few more months so i can sex them and give them names accurate with there genders. another animal i got recently was a juvinile common snapping turtle. tbh shes my fav animal ive ever had as shes super active, and doesnt sit around on a rock like my bearded dragons all day and you can have some fun with her watching her feed and and swim even though shes not a handling animal. my friend found her in the middle of the street when she was still absorbing the last of her yolk. she had a realy bad respitory infection and that night was going to be low 50s. she undougtedly would not have survived the night. anyways things wernt looking bright for her as the vets didnt want to see her as she was a scary snapping turtle. i was preparing for the worst but supprisingly things were looking brighter for her. by some miracle she survived the infection. she is now my little friend who i also have not named as i cant think of anything unique to call her. i am 100% aware of how big she can grow and how much space she will need. i was actually looking into getting a turtle of sorts for a few months before and she kinda just came to me. in the spring when its warmer, she'l have a "summer home" wich will be a stock post the pics soon, i just need to pull up some clear ones

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    one of the grey tree frogs. im only posting one bc they look the sameName:  Screenshot 2021-01-04 133249.png
Views: 99
Size:  299.2 KB

    Name:  Screenshot 2021-01-07 142125.png
Views: 95
Size:  78.7 KBslippyName:  drippy slippy.png
Views: 182
Size:  113.9 KBand theres a funny photoshop of him i call drippy slippy lmao.

    and miss turtleName:  Screenshot 2021-02-01 144708.png
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Size:  66.0 KBName:  Screenshot 2021-02-01 144831.png
Views: 92
Size:  225.8 KBsorry for the bad light in the first pic. she does have uvb obviously. the wood added alot of tannens too the water and the wood is also a deep dark color so it tinted it a bit. also the stuff on her back if your not familiar with turtles is not anything bad, its just scutes shedding wich is totally normal. she hit a little growth spurt so its a few layers coming off at once. im not going to take them off myself bc she doesnt feel safe out of the water and she gets pretty stressed and peeling those can be pretty bad for there shell

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