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Thread: Please Help! Whites Tree Frog Refusing Food

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    Unhappy Please Help! Whites Tree Frog Refusing Food

    For the past couple months my 2 year old whites tree frog hasnt had as big an appetite as usual. I chalked it up to the fact there was a new addition, and since he was at least taking 1 cricket from me I decided not to worry and just increase the food amount in the one bite. But as of 2 weeks ago he stopped accepting the food altogether. I tried feeding him at different times, in different light conditions, even let him have a go at hunting it down himself. The latter ended in him climbing up the walls of the feeding box and doing that distress call, so I let him out (there were only 2 crickets inside with him). This week I noticed hes starting to get kind of thin and Im unsure what to do. If I take him to the vet, what do I even ask for? He acts completely normal besides the lack of hunger. Hes always liked to spend time soaking so I dont think hes doing it more than normal, and hes as active as always. I spot clean the terrarium regularly and do a full clean monthly if not more frequently. Both the other frogs in the tank are doing fine too. Anyone have any idea what may be wrong?

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    Default Re: Please Help! Whites Tree Frog Refusing Food

    poor frog! I'd take him to a vet. there are just too many appetite-loss-causing things to risk guessing wrong. hope he gets better!

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    Default Re: Please Help! Whites Tree Frog Refusing Food

    Do you only feed them crickets? There's a chance he may have gotten bored of them. Try adding roaches, mealworms, and the occasional pinky mouse into their diet. Make sure you always properly dust their food, as I've found amphibians with MBD can sometimes struggle to eat.

    While I do recommend taking him to a vet, I know that can be hard for some people. Parasites and other illnesses and cause frogs to not eat. You may have to end up force feeding, but that is only if he is extremely thin and won't make it much longer without food.

    Keep us posted on what happens!
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