For the past couple months my 2 year old whites tree frog hasnt had as big an appetite as usual. I chalked it up to the fact there was a new addition, and since he was at least taking 1 cricket from me I decided not to worry and just increase the food amount in the one bite. But as of 2 weeks ago he stopped accepting the food altogether. I tried feeding him at different times, in different light conditions, even let him have a go at hunting it down himself. The latter ended in him climbing up the walls of the feeding box and doing that distress call, so I let him out (there were only 2 crickets inside with him). This week I noticed hes starting to get kind of thin and Im unsure what to do. If I take him to the vet, what do I even ask for? He acts completely normal besides the lack of hunger. Hes always liked to spend time soaking so I dont think hes doing it more than normal, and hes as active as always. I spot clean the terrarium regularly and do a full clean monthly if not more frequently. Both the other frogs in the tank are doing fine too. Anyone have any idea what may be wrong?