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Thread: White patch on tree frogs eye??

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    Default White patch on tree frogs eye??

    Background info:

    European green tree frog, roughly 4 years old. She's never called so I think she's female. She lives in a 20g long vertical planted vivarium with a filtered water area. She eats crickets dusted with calcium and vitamins. I keep it at around 20-25 degrees centigrade normally, there's a large heat-mat on the back of the tank w/ thermostat. She shares the tank with my grey tree frog. Not my intention, rescued her last minute from an owner that found her boring , no one else had space for her. Her and they grey seem to get along fine. I often tong feed to make sure that they do not compete for food.

    She's recently developed a white lumpy cloud on her right eye. She is active and eating well. Is it an eye infection? Should I be worried?

    (please see photos)
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