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Thread: Anyone still here? Better option for iPhone viewing?

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    Default Anyone still here? Better option for iPhone viewing?

    Is there a better option for viewing this forum on an iPhone than the native view thru Safari? I tried Tapatalk but the forum doesnít seem to be listed there.

    If I remember right, this is a pretty good community although many of the threads seem old and so wondering if itís a ghost town now or if people have migrated to somewhere else with a more modern, mobile friendly setup?


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    Default Re: Anyone still here? Better option for iPhone viewing?

    I'm not 100% sure if theres a better option for iPhone, although I've personally never gotten on here using any other browsing app besides safari.

    As for the activity on the form, it has certainly slowed down since I first joined. There's still plenty of active people on here though, you just have to give people time to reply.
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