I am in the process of setting up a paludarium that will eventually house 4 small Starry Night Reed Frogs. I live in Northern CA where it can get very hot in the summer, and unfortunately donít have a great climate controlled space to house insects (crickets, etc.). Itís been a bit of a negotiation to get my wife to agree to the setup in the first place and housing nasty bugs in living quarters is a still to be determined obstacle 😉

Iím wondering if there is anyone offering a ďbug subscriptionĒ service that would mail you insects on a regular basis in containers suitable for temporary storage? That would theoretically mitigate my issue around long term storage; if I got something once a week or so I could keep in the garage or the shed that would last about that long with a variety of insects suitable for Starry Night Rees Frogs that would be an awesome service.