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Thread: open sores on frogs legs/ pond advice

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    Default open sores on frogs legs/ pond advice

    hello all. as some of you may have seen on one of my recent posts i recently made a pond for the green frogs in my yard. we have 2 big frogs, turtle (the biggest)
    and goose (still big but not as big) a few days ago i saw that turtle was acting "slow" he just wasnt his normal self. he wasnt swiming fast and just making little single kicks to swim. same with goose. i decided today to get in there with them and pull them out to look at them and see if they were attacked or broke a bone ect. i saw these large open sores on there legs and on turtles tympanum. is this water blisters, early signs of ranavirus or red leg disease. i cant find them right now so i will post pics later

    another question i have is on mosqueto larvas, they have been breeding like wildfire in the cracks of the rocks where the water is still. we are planning on getting a type of goldfish that will take care of the larva called comet goldfish. we are also looking at another called the black moor. i have kept one in first grade or something and i remember that he was pretty cool so we are looking at him. i read that gold fish dont eat tadpoles. is this true or should i wait to bring them back out for the winter to let the american toad tadpoles get bigger to let the fish back out in the spring.

    also the frogs, all exept for turtle who leaves the pond every night and hunts are getting rather skinny. the small frogs are doing great as they eat mosquito and other bugs its probally goose who is the skinniesthe doensnt have the courage i dont think to go anywhere exept the pond at night. goose is also quite skiddish, i cant feed him earthworms like the others because he will limp off and sit at the bottom of the pond for 15 minuets. how should i get him fed or comfortable leaving the pond. ive used a floating tray with mealworms before as an exparament with the frogs but this was before and they seemed to like it. problem being i dont have a tray large enough to support the wheight of a frog with his size

    also are these two color variations rare in northern green frogs

    i ask because i have one lad who is usually a pretty metallic lime but ive seen him turn almost blue on nice days with a good temp/humidity

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    Default Re: open sores on frogs legs/ pond advice

    so today when i checked on goose it looked like he had gotten something to eat. we also got the fish. all the fish we wanted were either out of budget or out of stock. we ended up getting a small pink schooling fish called a Rosie minnow. we got a dozen of those. we also got 2 shebunkin which i personally dont think i will get more of them because they blend into the gravel on the bottom so they are impossible to see. we also got 10 comets. they look so nice. they are always active and we got some cool colors such as white black orange orange and black and white and orange. i was able to grab goose today and get a glance at it. it looks like an ulcer kind of by his tympanum and also one on his tympanum. i saw a large female who lives around the pond today she has no ulcers or cuts and is a good weight. i have seen no sighn of turtle but he seems to be okish. il go do some searching and get some pics for you guys

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    Default Re: open sores on frogs legs/ pond advice

    Finnally caught goose in his pop out stone
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    Default Re: open sores on frogs legs/ pond advice

    guys i need at least something. i dont know what to do at all and im scared i can accidently contaminate my pet frogs and my bearded dragons wich can get this aparently

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    Default Re: open sores on frogs legs/ pond advice

    one of the frogs has died now do to the disease. is there any thing i can do to help the other two. also any clues to why none of the first and second year frogs are compleatly fine. like nothing there all nice and healthy and are getting much more food than they would ussually get because all the larger frogs are no longer eating. also we want to have amphibians breeding in our pond especially american toads and tiger salamanders and green frogs. probally no salamanders though becasue no one has seen one of those in the neigborhood for years. will it be safe to go out to my local lake and get 2 new adult green frogs to breed in my pond asuming that my two frogs will die bc they probally will sadley

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