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Thread: who should my 40 gal go to

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    Default who should my 40 gal go to

    i have a 40 gal tank that is empty. i have 2 animals that i want to put in it. my leopard gecko, Jim, or my american toads. my parents think that i should put my toads in the 40 gal but they are happy as can be in a tub shelf like system. i think i should put my gecko in the 40 gal because she is currently in a 10 gal wich, i know is to small for an adult leopard gecko. just be aware she has not been there for her whole life and has been in a 50 gal for the past 6 years until we got my bearded dragon. the toads are in a tub system right now that stays a comfortable temp. its large enough for 3 toads, its just that no body in my family thinks it looks nice and doesnt have the essentials that toads need. it has a large water bowl, deep substrate multiple options for hiding places and fake plants. there is no lighting but thats fine because they dont unbury themselves until all the lights get turned off. so, i want you guys opinion who should the 40 gal tank go to. my american toads or my leopard gecko

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