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Thread: Help tons of tiny white bugs in the substrate

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    Default Help tons of tiny white bugs in the substrate

    Hello I have a 4 year old Pacman and a 3 year old ornate, in different tanks. They are both very healthy.

    I use zoo med eco earth substrate.

    Lately I noticed in both enclosures a ton of very tiny white bugs, I think soil mites? I am not sure, they are extremely small, smaller than a pin head. I see them crawling everywhere and they crawl all over the frogs too.

    What are these things?

    Are they dangerous to my frogs? And why do they keep coming back? I clean the enclosure completely and remove all the substrate and replace it, disinfect the surfaces, then they are back again???

    I am worried for my frogs

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    Default Re: Help tons of tiny white bugs in the substrate

    If they jump, they are springtails. If the crawl, they are mites. Mites normally do not pose a threat to frogs or toads, but I would feel uncomfortable if there were a large number and if they covered the frogs! EEEK! Could they possibly be traveling in with your feeders? Do you farm your own mealworms? If so, and depending on what you are using as their bedding, they could be grain mites, which are a real pain in the a$$!

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