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Thread: STS - How much Vitamin A do I give the toad?

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    Default STS - How much Vitamin A do I give the toad?

    How much do I give the toad and how often? I've been giving him a small cricket dusted in Repashy Vitamin A once a week. (For 2 weeks now.) Am I supposed to give him more than one at a time or more than once a week? All the Repashy bottle says is once a week. (No mention of STS.) I tried looking on the forum, but I can't find the answer. I could only find posts that turned into feeding the crickets something else and the one that is also on Amazon and it's for an older toad. Mine is a year old.

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    Default Re: STS - How much Vitamin A do I give the toad?

    I'd give it 2-3 times a week and also make sure that the vitamin A source is not from Beta-carotene. I read that source is not very good for them. Something else you could try, which has been successful for me, is add a couple drops of liquid bird vitamins to the water dish and it will get absorbed through the skin. It's called Vita-Sol and you can get it from Amazon if your local shop doesn't carry it!

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    Default Re: STS - How much Vitamin A do I give the toad?

    Thank you. I will look into the Vita-Sol. I think I need a little something more since I've had to continue to give my toad Vitamin A every 1-2 weeks.

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